Kamagra Soft - without a doctor prescription

Kamagra is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men and pulmonary arterial hypertension.

The most effective drug to improve erection – Kamagra SOFT. From all its predecessors has a distinctive taste and variety, no side effects and speed of action. In the drug the same active substance as any other viagra. Version of SOFTWARE allows you to take the drug even at a noisy party where alcohol costs. Available in tablets for sucking in the mouth with different flavors: strawberry, pineapple, orange, banana.

Drug Kamagra Soft is identical for all pharmacological properties to its famous brand-name counterpart, pledged to provide effective help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and to resume normal intimacy the vitality potency.

A distinctive feature of this drug is its accelerated effect on the male body, promoting more rapid and sustained onset of the desired effect.

Think about other, not less important property of generic – to buy it can any man, of any status or age (except minors), as the cost of the drug, while maintaining the quality of the impact and security level of the original, is many times lower and more accessible.

Standard release form of this medication is packaged in protective blister packs of pills.

Details of the structure

Just like the original drug, the key ingredient of generic sildenafil citrate.

Analogues also include additional components to support the effect of the main active substances and gives the drug a mint or fruit flavor.

How does generic Viagra Soft

Sildenafil Soft (the second name, which was derived from the name of the active ingredient), in the process of absorption directly into the bloodstream, preventing rapid the function of enzymes phosphodiesterase by relaxing the smooth muscles of the penis and blood vessels, resulting in achieved more rapid blood flow to the penis is normal and occurs lasting erections.

In some cases the drug can not be used

The instruction provided to the generic, prohibits the admission of men, who may experience allergic reactions to the major and minor components as well as treatment which is in any way connected with nitrates.

Also not recommended to take generic patients suffering from hepatic insufficiency, hypotension, hereditary degenerative retinal diseases, less than six months before the date of the receipt of generic myocardial infarction or stroke.

Remember, if you have any of the above factors, even if you think that the best solution to your problem is Viagra Soft price own health is too high and not justified!

We recommend you to consult a specialist and find a more suitable your health the drug.

What adverse reactions can occur

In rare cases, together with the expected effect of the drug may occur dizziness, headache, nasal congestion, short-term change in visual perception, dyspepsia, hot flashes, mainly arising from abuse of the drug or a dose exceeding the recommended daily.

How to take the drug

Twenty minutes before the potential location should be dissolved under the tongue one tablet of the drug, don't bite and not gulping.

The effect lasts for five hours (and often can last longer), and then gradually eroding.

In any case you should not attempt to strengthen the effect of excess dosage, as this may cause more severe adverse reactions